The Top Things That Have Hindered Family Time

It's not like it used to be!

Typically families spend just six hours a week together thanks to busy schedules, long working hours and digital devices.

A study of 2,000 mums and dads, with children at home, found their work shifts are the top cause of hindering family time, as well as homework and social media use.

Ironically, almost a third of families have been at home a lot more over the past year due to the cost of living, but haven’t taken advantage of that time by spending it together.

The typical week sees families spend six hours all together – less than an hour a day – and only eat a meal as a household four days out of seven.


  1. My work hours
  2. The cost-of-living crisis
  3. Kids’ social lives
  4. Their homework/coursework deadlines
  5. Household chores
  6. My work deadlines
  7. Rubbish weather
  8. My social life
  9. TV use
  10. Social media use
  11. Running errands outside of the home
  12. After school clubs e.g. sports clubs
  13. Different eating times
  14. Food shopping
  15. Lack of space in our home