The Toughest Questions Parents Get From Their Kids

I don't know, go ask your dad!

Part of being a parent is being caught totally off-guard when your kid asks you a tough question, whether it’s tough because it’s deeply philosophical, or it’s tough because there’s NO WAY to give an appropriate answer.


A new survey of parents with kids who are between two and 12 found that kids ask approximately 39 questions a month that they have trouble answering.


And here are eight questions that are the toughest . . .


1.  Is Santa real?

2.  Where do babies come from?

3.  Do animals get married?

4.  What does “green” mean?

5.  What does [this swear word] mean?

6.  Why is the sky blue?

7.  Why can’t I stay up as late as you?

8.  What does love mean?