"Go ask your mother!"

Father’s Day is coming this weekend and all this week we are paying tribute to the men in our lives.



Do You Think I Am Made Of Money?
Every Dad has said this to their kid at one point. Whether they are asking for a couple of bucks or more, kids think dads are walking ATMs.



When I Was Your Age…?
Ah Yes.. the old “When I Was Your Age…” statement.  Most dads believe their kids have it much easier now than when they were a kid.



I’m Not Sleeping, I am Just Resting My Eyes
Don’t you dare change the TV channel if dear ole Dad is on the couch “resting his eyes”


Stop Crying Or I’ll Give You Something To Cry About
Pretty sure, this line has never made a child stop crying.



If All Your Friends Jumped Off A Cliff Would You Jump Too?
A very Dad-like way to tell your kids not to be followers but be leaders.



Don’t Tell Your Mom
Chances are when a Dad says this, either something stupid or awesome is about to or has just happened. (moms always find out)


Were You Raised In A Barn?
Chances are you Dad knows exactly where you were raised, and since it wasn’t in a barn…shut the door!


Don’t Talk Back To Your Mother
Sometimes, Dads have to play the role of peacemaker, and most times they will side with their spouse, so show her some respect!



Do You Think Money Grow On Trees?
Just another phrase Dads have to use when the kids are treating him like a walking ATM.


You Are Not Going Out Dressed Like That!
Usually said by a Dad of a girl, because Dads know how young men think.  Now go put on another layer of clothing.