Things Dogs Eat But Shouldn’t

My dog loves the kid's stuffed toys! At least it's not my shoes!

A new study talked to dog owners about their pet’s nutritional habits, both good and bad.  According to almost all pet owners, their pets have ate the most ridiculous things.



The top non-treats their pups have gotten into included socks, garbage, and children’s toys; with one respondent even sharing their dog got ahold of their toilet plunger.


The survey also found that the average pet owner has to remove something from their dog’s mouth about three times a month.



A third of pet owners confess that fido will try and eat anything but actual food.



Chasing after pups who try to gobble up any and everything isn’t the only difficult part of being a pet parent, though.



Thirty-five percent of pup parents said their dog is the pickiest eater they know, nine in 10 are serious about feeding their dog a healthy diet and 85% only want the tastiest food for their pet.  We’ve come a long way since just kibble and bits.



The average pet parent says that it’s hard to find a dog food that would not only be nutritious but delicious for their pet.



One in three dog owners won’t feed their pet the same food again if they show them that they don’t like it the first time.



Perhaps this is why over half of pet owners think their dog eats better than they do.




  1. Socks (48%)
  2. Garbage (47%)
  3. Children’s toys (44%)
  4. Paper (43%)
  5. People food (42%)
  6. Grass (29%)
  7. Leaves (25%)
  8. Rocks (25%)
  9. Poop (20%)
  10. Dirt/soil (19%)