This Is What People Want To Do On A Holiday Post Covid!

What do you want to do and where do you want to go?

It’s been a long year and counting and while things appear to be getting a little better, we’re still going to have to wait a little longer before taking a trip!


But that hasn’t stopped us from thinking and dreaming about our first-holiday post-Covid.


A survey out of the UK found that 67% of people want to avoid a sitting in the sun vacation, but are rather opting for a more adventurous getaway! Not really surprising since we’ve all spent over a year doing a whole lot of nothing!


Having said that, here are the things people are looking to do on a trip post-Covid!





1. Walking in the countryside

2. Visit castles and other historic buildings

3. Beach lounging

4. See the Northern Lights

5. Swimming pool lounging

6. Boat trip

7. Visit museums

8. Whale watching

9. Visit a rainforest

10. Visit a theme park

11. Safari /exotic animal spotting

12. See a volcano

13. Climb a mountain

14. Watch a geyser erupt

15. Cycling

16. Zip wire

17. Rafting / Kayaking

18. Visit a desert

19. Cave exploration

20. Off-road driving