This Is Why Parents Should Never Buy Blue Swimsuits For Their Kids

Swimming instructor and mom issues warning to all parents

It’s almost time to open up the pool!  And water safety is so important!

According to a survey, 46% of people asked said they had been in a situation in which they thought they may drown. That is a scary statistic if you ask me!

A mom has issued a stern warning for all parents to never buy blue bathing suits for children.

Certified swimming instructor Nikki Scarnati said blue swimwear makes it far more difficult to supervise kids while playing in the water and advises to only purchase bright colours. 

In a video, which has now been viewed more than 5.5 million times, Nikki recorded her daughter swimming in a backyard pool while wearing blue to prove her point.  While swimming, Nikki’s daughter is barely visible and prone to danger if an accident were to happen. Ultimately, wearing bright clothing can prevent drowning.

@springhill.isr Just dont do it! Why think about which bathing suits for the splash pad? Just buy bright ones!! ☀️☀️ #selfrescue #selfrescueswimming #selfrescueswim #watersafety #drowningpreventionawareness #springhillisd ♬ original sound – Spring Hill ISR Nikki Scarnati


Once someone is under the water, they can be hard to find.

The right colour swimming suit could be the difference between life and death so it is worth paying attention to.

You want to choose bright and contrasting colours.

The first chart shows how different colour swimsuits show up with a light-coloured pool bottom.

This next colour chart shows how different coloured swimming suits look in lakes and open water.

The testing was done in 18” of water because visibility was nearly zero at 2ft deep for ALL colours.

The top colours for the lake were neon yellow, neon green, and neon orange. Again, bright colours show up so much better. Even the neon purple looks to show up well.