WATCH: You Won’t Believe What this Squirrel has Been Saving for Winter!

A very Canadian story

In anticipation of winter, squirrels usually create food caches or calorie-rich nuts and seeds. But, a certain Canadian squirrel decided to go for something a little different.

Tracey (@traceysbasement on TikTok) shared a video of what she discovered in her shed recently. Her family had noticed in the spring that a squirrel had taken up residence in their barely-used shed. They didn’t mind and let the squirrel stay. In the fall, Tracey noticed the squirrel was using their lawn mower bag to store its winter nut cache.

But, recently, Tracey went into the shed to find her daughter’s sled and discovered that the rodent had started collecting something else in its cache.

Oh my goodness! Watch the video!


@traceysbasement Definitely NOT what I expected to find in my shed this afternoon! 🤣#StoryTime #YouWontBelieveThis #squirrelsoftiktok #YouKnowYourSquirrelsAreCanadianWhen #imdyingggg😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #alwaysgottimefortimhortons @timhortons ♬ original sound – TraceysBasement

Well, Tracey has named the squirrel Timmy and has also left some peanuts in case it cannot get to the nuts below the sugary treats.


Image: Photo by Joseph Yu from Pexels