Today Is National Son’s And Daughter’s Day!

Try and appreciate them today, LOL!

Every child is different. Their personalities uniquely fit them. While one child devours books, another may deconstruct every electronic device in the house. 

The chatterbox keeps us awake on long road trips and the night owl keeps us alert to everything under the stars. No two are the same. That’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. Celebrate them and the parts they play in your family.

Today is a day to try and appreciate your kids!  Try not to pick favourites, but there is something special about the youngest!

So here is why being the youngest is the best…

You Always have protection: Even though your older siblings tease you and sometimes hit you- if someone outside your family messed with you- they were there to protect you!

The Older Siblings Pave A Path… Parents are usually harder and more protective of the first kid.  By the last kid, the rules start to be more relaxed. 

Hand Me Down Clothes…Ok, wearing hand-me-downs isn’t awesome but parents feel bad about it- so when you really want something- you get it!