Top 5 Worst and Best Dressed Celebrities at the Grammy’s

Take a trip down memory lane as we see the best and worst dressed celebrities from last year's Grammy Awards.

As most of you know, the Grammy’s are coming up on Sunday (February 12th)! It’s a super exciting evening for everyone in the music industry; you get to see some of the biggest stars all packed into one room as they patiently wait to hear whether or not they’ll win an award.

Now, down to business, probably 87% why we actually watch the Grammy’s… To see the worst and best dressed celebrities.

To be clear, we think all these artists are VERY talented in their respective genres, however, their fashion sense sometimes makes zero sense.

Let’s start with the 5 worst dressed, shall we?


1. The one that I personally think takes the cake…. Mainly because she looks like one.

Rihanna at the 2015 Grammy’s… What the heck were ya’ thinking!? So. Much. Pink.


2. Dencia at the 2016 Grammy’s, with the jump suit with the mostest… There just so much going on


3. Jacqueline Van Bierk in this strange vampire, bat ensemble that kind of makes you think she was going to a Halloween party maybe? No?


4. Sam Hunt at the 2016 Grammy’s in his pink suit. I mean we’re all for men who wear pink, but this pink is weird and totally washed him out… Also, even though his suit was lame, he’s still super attractive.

5. Joy Villa at the 2016 Grammy’s in her spikey outfit that I totally don’t understand and have many questions on how she sat through the show in that thing without hurting herself! Geez, girl!


Now on to the best, most beautifully dressed Grammy outfits of last year’s show.

1. Taylor Swift was stunning in this two piece beauty that was super flattering and the colours looked great on her.


2.  Selena Gomez looked beautiful in blue at last year’s show.


3. Carrie Underwood is ALWAYS stunning… Seriously it must be exhausting to be that flawless all the time.


4. Adele wore the most flattering black dress that looked so stunning on her.


5. Kaley Cuoco isn’t a musical artist, but she did attend last years Grammy Awards and looked like a total babe.