Twitter Threatens Legal Action Over META’s New App Threads! PLUS: How To Use It!

Twitter is considering legal action against Meta over its fast-growing rival app Threads.

Threads, which was launched to millions on Wednesday, is similar to Twitter and has been pitched by Meta bosses as a “friendly” alternative.

Twitter’s Elon Musk said “Competition is fine, cheating is not” – but Meta denied claims in a legal letter that ex-Twitter staff helped create Threads.

More than 30 million people have signed up for the new app, according to Meta.

That is less than a tenth of the estimated 350 million users on Twitter, according to Statista.


If you have an active Instagram account, you automatically have a Threads account too…

  • Everyone with an Instagram account automatically has a Threads account.
    • Because of this, anyone you currently follow on Instagram will be followed on Threads. 
  • This is a mobile-only social media network – so you can only access it on your phone or tablet
  • To log in, download the Threads app from the App Store or Google Play Store, and log in using your current Instagram login information. 
  • The main feed shows content from accounts you follow, but also from accounts similar to those you follow. 
  • It works similarly to Twitter and Instagram. It’s like a hybrid of the two. 
  • Hashtags don’t seem to be a thing on Threads.