US Company Will Pay You US$2,400 To Stay Off Screen For A Day

Could You Do It?

A company that tests home services and products, wants to see if you can stay away from your devices for 24-hours.


They are holding a digital detox challenge that pays you over 2 grand if you can go a day without a screen.


The company wrote on its website, “If you’ve got the desire to ditch your devices for a day but still need to get paid, this is the perfect opportunity for you.”


Those selected for the challenge will have to stay off their phones, TVs, games, computers, smartwatches, and smart home devices. says that challengers will get a $200 Amazon gift card to put together a tech-free “survival kit,” and will store your devices for you.


Some survival kit suggestions from the company include a typewriter to replace computers, writing paper to replace texts and paints, and brushes to replace the fine art of the selfie.


Once you finish the challenge, you will have to review the survival kit and give feedback on how it went while completing the challenge.