Video Gamers May Burn Over 200 Calories Per Hour

Don’t tell me that playing video games endlessly is good for you

New research suggests that video gaming is virtually exercise.



Gaming platform, Stakester released results of a new study that apparently found that two hours of gameplay can burn about 420 calories in men and 472 calories in women.



That’s equivalent to doing 1,000 sit-ups!  The CEO and founder of Stakester say that gaming increased heart rate and creates a gaming sweat that can help to burn calories.



I’m sure the over 214 million American gamers love the sound of this.


There have been other studies that have shown a few other positives to gaming including marginal cognitive benefits such as improved focus and spatial reasoning.  Plus, there is potential as a diagnostic tool, including for autism spectrum disorder in kids and Alzheimer’s in adults.



Despite countless hours spent seated in front of the screen, e-sports players are notably fit compared to the general non-gamer population — by up to 21%, according to a joint university study last year.