WATCH: Bee Swarm in Alliston

I guess they heard Next Step hosts a spelling bee every year! Watch as the bees are safely removed.

The bees arrived about a month too late for Next Step Literacy Centre’s Grate Groan Up Spelling Bee.* But arrive they did!

Some people might be afraid seeing a swarm like this but the folks at Next Step knew what to do: call an apiary! Local bee keepers, Little Rock Honey Farm in Tottenham came to safely remove the swarm.

Little Rock Honey Farm, in their Facebook post, says:

In the springtime, colonies expand and will separate to create a new colony. The bees are the most docile when they are swarming so please don’t be frightened!

It’s important to protect these wonderful pollinators as at least 30% of our food depends on them. If you see a swarm, please don’t spray them- let them… bee!

If you do need to remove them, CLICK HERE for instructions from the Central Ontario Beekeepers Association.

Photos from Little Rock Honey Farm and Kelly Lynn Bramham on Facebook.

*The Grate Groan Up Spelling Bee is a load of fun and happens every April. The year, my Beeton Book Club team, Grammar Grannies, placed 4th after a very fun back-and-forth with the Brides to Bee. Photos!