We Use Google A Lot To Settle Arguments!

What have you googled to prove a point?

Have you ever used Google to settle an argument? A new survey on SWNS.com found it’s REALLY common now.


There’s nothing better than when Google confirms that you’re right!


77% of us have felt a wave of satisfaction when we googled something we weren’t sure about and found out we were right.


Here are the most common topics we use Google for when we disagree.


1.  Historical events.

2.  Politics.

3.  What year something happened.

4.  Spelling.

5.  The actor or actress who was in that movie you can’t remember.

6.  The weather.  Like is it going to rain?

7.  Which artist sings a particular song.

8.  Geography, or where something is.

9.  Grammar.

10.  Recipe ingredients.


The poll also found the average person googles the answer to something five times a day.   And 44% of us think we’re an “unofficial expert” on at least one topic because we’ve googled it so much.