Did you know that you can't race a horse on the highway with your vehicle?

In Saskatchewan, it’s illegal to hold on to a moving vehicle on the highway AKA, the “Back to the Future” Rule.


In Ontario, if you dash through the snow on a one-horse open sleigh, you must have not one but two bells or you could face a fine of $5.


Solid Lines in Ontario are more like suggestions…While double solid lines are treated as impenetrable barriers for the rest of Canada, in Ontario, they’re more of a recommendation.  In Ontario, the official position is that “lane markings generally serve an advisory or warning function and by themselves do not possess any legal force,” according to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.


Honk Before Passing In PEI.


Taxi Drivers Can’t Wear A T-shirt On Duty In Halifax.

The fashion police are a real thing.   It’s stipulated in the Halifax Regional Municipality’s list of bylaws for taxis and limousines that drivers must wear shoes and socks, keep their clothing in clean conditions at all times, and refrain from wearing a t-shirt.


Driving Barefoot is Legal! In reality, there exists no law that dictates that you can’t be barefoot.


You Can’t “Furiously” Race Animals on the Highway In Ontario.  Section 173 of Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act strictly asserts that “no person shall race or drive furiously any horse or other animal on a highway.”