Don't get soap in your belly button!

One of the great privileges of being a parent is getting to mess with your child(s).  So someone asked people to name the most ridiculous lies they were told as a kid.

A lot of classics made the list, like “Gum stays in your stomach for seven years,” and “Driving with the dome light on is illegal.”  But some are much weirder.

1.  The waves at the beach are made by whales

2.  Moths are the ghosts of butterflies.

3.  All lizards are named Russell because they make a “rustling” sound when they’re in the bushes.

4.  During the first Iraq war, a kid’s grandpa told him Saddam Hussein shot down Santa’s sleigh.  But then it turned out Santa was alive and well!

5.  That the term “going commando” means driving with your windows down.

6.  Your blood is blue inside your body.  It only turns red when exposed to oxygen.  (A lot of adults still think that’s true.  But it’s a myth.)

7.  That knowing algebra will come in handy someday.  Also, all the math teachers said, “You won’t always have a calculator in your pocket.”

8.  The reason some men pierce their ears is in case they ever decide to become a pirate.

9.  11 months out of the year, the Easter Bunny lives on Easter Island.

10.  Babies eventually lose their “baby arms,” and their “adult arms” grow in.