Where are they now?

From Full House to The Wonder Years to Sabina the Teenage Witch, some of the stars […]

From Full House to The Wonder Years to Sabina the Teenage Witch, some of the stars we practically grew up with have all but disappeared since their hit TV series ended. Read below to find out what they’re up to now!


Lark Voorhies, ‘Saved By the Bell’


Better known as Lisa Turtle from the hit TV series Saved By the Bell, Lark had a successful career on Soap Operas in the late 90’s including Days of Our Lives and The Bold and The Beautiful. After accusations of mental heath issues following some questionable paparazzi photos, Lark has disappeared from the public eye, but we hope to see her on-screen again soon!


Michael Fishman, ‘Roseanne’


Following his hit role as D.J. on Roseanne, Fishman returned to High School and continued to pursue acting. Despite a role in A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Fishman hasn’t spent much time on screen as of late, but he’s got two kids to keep him busy, and most likely some hefty re-run cheques to keep his bills paid on time!


Marla Sokoloff, ‘Full House’


Despite a few roles in hit movies Dude, Where’s My Car and Sugar and Spice, Marla has stayed largely out of the public eye. That was, until her ex-boyfriend James Franco claimed on Howard Stern that they made a sex tape together as teens. Ouch.


Nate Richert, ‘Sabrina, the Teenage Witch’


Nate ditched his successful acting career to pursue a career in music. He recently released a solo album and also has a five year old daughter!


Olivia D’Abo, ‘The Wonder Years’


Known as the bad-girl older sister from The Wonder Years, Olivia has since appeared in Wayne’s World 2 and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.


Josh Saviano, ‘The Wonder Years’


Just like his smart-kid character on Wonder Years Josh attending Harvard AND Yale. He’s currently a partner in the law film Morrison Cohen.


Andrea Barber, ‘Full House’


Everyone’s favourite Full House character Kimmy Gibbler has traded in her acting career to be a full time Mom to her two kids.

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