With Free Admission Next Year, Start Planning Your Trips to These National Parks

In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, Parks Canada is offering free admission in 2017 to those […]

In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, Parks Canada is offering free admission in 2017 to those who buy a 2016 pass. So why not take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take in some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, if not the universe! Start planning your trips to these spectacular Canadian destinations.


Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne Fjords

Located in Newfoundland, Gros Morne is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that took Mother Nature 485,000,000 years to mold. In fact it was here that geologists proved the theory of  plate tectonics. But you don’t have to be a science buff to appreciate the other-worldly scenery that Gros Morne has to offer.


Pacific Rim National Park Reserve


Like something out of a storybook, Pacific Rim National Park is truly awe-inspiring. From the impossibly high trees to the abundance of sea life covering the shores — not to mention the incredible food, surfing and village nearby — it’s the kind of place you’ll never want to leave.


Banff National Park


Perhaps the most well-known National Park in Canada, Banff is absolutely breathtaking. But if you want to get away from the tourists you’ll have to venture into some of the lesser known areas of the park, such as Moraine Lake. 14 kms outside of Lake Louise, the lake offers excellent hiking and canoeing. Experienced mountaineers may opt for the 8-12 hour trek to reach the Neil Cogan Hut perched about 10,000 feet above sea level.


Bruce Peninsula National Park

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Between the Flowerpot islands, the sunken shipwrecks and the grottos, it’s hard to believe that so few of us have experienced this national treasure. Just a couple hours north of Owen Sound, why not pack up the camper and bring the kids? Its a perfect trip for families on a budget.


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