Your Facebook Has A Hidden ‘Reject folder” Filled With People Who Ignore You

If you ever wanted to know how many people have rejected you!

This can’t be good for your self-esteem!

This is a tucked-away page that is tricky to find, but it’s definitely eye-opening once you’ve got it.

We’ve all sent Facebook friend requests from time to time. But you probably forget about them a few days after you’ve sent them – especially if they’re ignored.

Facebook has a page that reveals all of the friend requests you’ve sent that haven’t been answered! But it’s also possible that they’ve brutally rejected you – for reasons only they may know.

Thankfully you can view and cancel your long-shunned friend requests to reclaim some dignity.

How to find Facebook sent friend requests on desktop!

  • Navigate to
  • That will show your pending friend requests.
  • But if you click View Sent Requests in the top left, you’ll be taken to all the requests you’ve sent – but that has been ignored.