YouTube And Spotify Team Up To Offer LIVE Shopping Features!

This could be dangerous for my credit card!

  • YouTube partners with Shopify to add live shopping tools that allow users to purchase products without leaving its website.
  • YouTube says that viewers in the U.S., Brazil and India will see shoppable content in the explore tab starting next week, with additional countries to roll out later this year.

It means, for example, that someone watching a video on YouTube might see a list of items on the page that a creator thinks they might be interested in. If you’re watching a video on a technology YouTube channel, you might see gadgets that you can buy right from the page using Shopify. Or you might see makeup products on a beauty channel. Creators can manage which products are included using the ‘Shopping’ tab in YouTube Studio.

The whole transaction occurs while someone is watching a video, which might help YouTube retain viewers who would have otherwise left the site to buy a product somewhere else. The company said it’s planning to expand shopping features to its Live, Shorts and long-form video, too.