$10, 000 Minute Friday January 28th -2PM

Alyssa from Barrie was our bonus contestant and won $60 plus she qualifies for the BIG game on February 7th!

  1. Name the Kool FM artist who has named some of his albums after mathematical symbols.

(Ed Sheeran)

2.               A cube has 8 corners. How many straight edges does it have?


3.               What is the name of the dog on the TV show ‘Family Guy’?


4.               In baseball, what is the name for the person who stands behind the catcher and officiates the game?


5.               SPELL: Gourmet.

(G O U R M E T)

6.               When you cook flour and fat together and use it to thicken sauces, it is known as a what?


7.               In reference to vehicles, what does the acronym SUV stand for?

(Sport Utility Vehicle)

8.               On which mountain would you find the home of the Greek Gods?

(Mount Olympus)

9.               What is the name of the currency used in Mexico?

(Peso/Mexican peso)

10.            What does the Japanese word ‘Sayonara’ mean?