How did you do?


  1. The fizz that bubbles up when you crack open a can of pop is what?

(Carbon Dioxide)


2.  What does 9 x 11 equal ?



3. In baseball, the home plate has how many sides?

(5 – Pentagon)


4. Name the actor that played ‘Neo’ in The Matrix.

(Keanu Reeves)


5. What is the word given for the condition or period of an animal spending the winter in a dormant state?



6.  SPELL: Gourmet.

(G O U R M E T)

7.  What is the hard white surface of a tooth called?



8. If you order a martini ‘with a twist’, the bartender will add what to your martini?

(Lemon peel/Lemon)


9. How many American president’s heads are carved into Mount Rushmore?


10. A group or cluster of stars forming a recognizable pattern is known as a WHAT?