$10 000 Minute September 2nd – 2PM

Julia almost did it. She was one question away from winning $1000! How did you do?

1.            In what ocean did the famous Titanic ship sink?


2.            SPELL: Vengeance.

(V E N G E A N C E)

3.            Steven Rodgers is the real name of which Marvel Superhero?

(Captain America)

4.            How many zeros does one billion have?


5.            What papier mache object is hung up and hit with a stick to obtain candy as part of a celebration?


6.            What animal can be seen on the Porsche logo?


7.            The song ‘Summer of Love’ is a new release from which Kool FM artist?

(Shawn Mendes)

8.            What is Harry Houdini known for?

(Magic/Illusionist/Stunt performer)

9.            The Iris, Cornea, and Retina are all located in what part of the human body?


10.         Which board game are you playing if you pass GO and collect $200 from the bank?