$10 000 Minute Tuesday August 17th – 2PM

David won $40 in 60 seconds and has qualified for our $10000 Minute game on September 3rd!

1.            How tall is a regulation basketball hoop?

(10 feet)

2.            What is the main ingredient in a falafel?


3.            Known for his Character Michael Scott from The Office, name the American Actor who celebrated his birthday yesterday.

(Steve Carell)

4.            SPELL: Rhythm.

(R H Y T H M)

5.            Which Country is the K Pop band BTS from?

(South Korea)

6.            The slogan ‘it’s in you to give’ refers to giving what?


7.            In a class of 30 children, 50% of them are girls. How many girls are in the class?


8.            Mount Rushmore is located in which US State?

(South Dakota)

9.            Which land mammal, native to Central and South America, has a tongue that stretches to two feet in length?


10.         If someone asks you to “tickle the ivories” what instrument are they asking you to play?