$10 000 Minute Wednesday Aug 18th – 2PM

Christa just won $60 and qualifies for our $10000 Minute game on Sept 3rd!

1. Capellini, Rigatoni, and Linguine are all different varieties of what food?


2.            Chadwick Boseman played which character in the marvel movie series?

(Black Panther)

3.            The Ikea brand originated in which Country?


4.            What is the name of the spongy tissue found inside the innermost part of bones?

(Bone Marrow)

5.            SPELL: Aardvark.

(A A R D V A R K)

6.            What are the three primary colours?

(Red, Blue, Yellow)

7.            Name the Europop music group, best known for their 1997 single ‘Barbie Girl’


8.            What kind of angle is formed by the hands of a clock at 3 o clock?

(Right Angle/90 Degree Angle)

9.            How many outs are in a standard inning of baseball?


10.         What animal is known for spitting at others when trying to keep you away?