How did you do!?

1. In which direction does a compass always point towards?

2. Name the form of alternative medicine that involves pricking the skin with needles to alleviate pain.


3. What platform did Justin Bieber first get discovered on?


4. If it’s 5pm in Ontario right now, what time is it in British Columbia?


5. What technique uses sound propagation to navigate, communicate, or detect objects under the water’s surface?


6. What animal is known for showing off its large colourful tail?


7. SPELL: Jukebox.

(J U K E B O X)

8. TRUE OR FALSE: The Blue Jays are facing the same team tonight as they faced yesterday.

(Same team – Washington Nationals)

9. What colour is grenadine syrup?


10. How many golden tickets does Willy Wonka hide in his chocolate Wonka Bars?