I do all these things!

Now that we’ve all binged cooking competition shows on TV, we THINK we know what we’re doing in the kitchen.


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There’s a thread online where people are sharing the cooking “rules” that they ALWAYS ignore, like “don’t put pepper on steak, because it’ll just burn.”  Here are a few that people mentioned:


1.  Throwing out a whole block of cheese when there’s a little mould on it.

2. Use olive oil while cooking, instead of cheaper oils with higher smoke points.

3.  Don’t cook with wine, tomatoes, or anything acidic in cast iron pans.

4.  Don’t eat uncooked cookie dough.

5.  Unsalted butter in a recipe.  Some people say they use salted ALL the time.

6.  Fresh herbs in a recipe.  Subbing in dried herbs is easier, and cheaper.

7.  Measuring dried spices.  It can be a nice guide, but spice-level is subjective.

8.  Using a particular colour of onion.  Some just use whatever they have on hand.

9.  Sifting flour.

10.  Don’t mix seafood and cheese.