10 Things That Were Normal 25 Years Ago, But Are Luxury Now

A list of things that were normal 25 years ago, but are considered luxuries now includes:  Furniture made out of real wood . . . concert tickets . . . and calling a company and getting a real human on the line.

 People on social media are talking about things that were NORMAL 20 to 30 years ago . . . but are considered a LUXURY now.  And no one mentioned original “Pokémon” cards!

Here are 10 highlights:

1.  “New furniture made out of real wood.”  Although, you might have to go back longer than 30 years for that.

2.  “Owning the software you purchased.”

3.  “Concert tickets.”  Technology has made a lot of things better and more accessible.  But its effect on concert tickets is not one of them.

4.  “Single-income families buying a home.”

5.  “Good-quality fabric in clothing” . . . and similarly, “Household products that don’t break within the first few years of use.”

6.  “Legroom on an airplane” . . . and “meals on domestic flights.”

7.  “Affordable healthcare.”  Again, you might have to go back further for that.

8.  “Privacy” . . . like “being able to let loose and have a good time without the risk of it being recorded and popping up on social media.”

9.  “Calling a company and getting a PERSON on the other end of the phone.”

10.  “Boredom.  There’s always something to take your attention nowadays.”