$1000 Minute Friday April 23 – 2PM

Play along! Could you have gotten them all correct?

  1. A person with diabetes can’t effectively use, or produces an insufficient amount of WHAT in the body?


2.            What name is given to the cooking of an egg without its shell, by boiling it in water?


3.            How many cupcakes are in a baker’s dozen?


4.            Quasimodo is a fictional character from which Disney movie?

(The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

5.        SPELL: Mojito.

(M O J I T O)

6.            Name the Kool FM artist who has named some of his albums after mathematical symbols.

(Ed Sheeran)

7.            What is a ‘goal’ called in Rugby?


8.            Name the German fairy tale of two sibling children that find a house made of bread, cakes, and sugar in the woods.

(Hansel & Gretel)

9.            What is the leader of a wolf pack called?


10.         Name the only Great Lake that is entirely within the United States.