$1000 Minute Friday April 23 – 5PM

How did you do!


  1. If a Hockey player scored a hat trick in every game of a 7-game series, how many goals did they score in total?

(21 – 7×3=21)


2.            In the Harry Potter series, what are ‘non magical’ people referred to as?



3.            Name the 2019 musical film based on the life of British musician Elton John.



4.            How many events are there in a decathlon?



5.            What is Caviar?

(Fish Eggs/Roe)


6.            What bird is a predator by nature and the national emblem of the United States?

(Bald Eagle)


7.            SPELL: Disguise.

(D I S G U I S E)


8.            In Greek Mythology, what was Medusa’s hair made of?



9.            What is the name of the planet SECOND CLOSEST to the Sun?



10.         What is the more common name for the ‘Aurora Borealis’?

(Northern Lights)