$1000 Minute Friday, April 3rd

How did you do?

1) What type of dog is Scooby Doo from the cartoon series, “Scooby Doo”?
(Great Dane)




2) In geometry, how many sides are on a heptagon?




3) When found on a beer bottle, what does the acronym I-P-A stand for?
(India Pale Ale)




4) Eddie Murphy turned 59 today. NAME the character he voiced in the ‘Shrek’ movies.




5) Which car company’ logo is 4 rings?




6) Is meringue made with egg whites OR egg yolks?
(Egg Whites)




7) SPELL: Meringue.





8) It takes Derek 25 minutes to get to work. What time will he arrive at his desk if he leaves at 8:30?





9)  What sport would you be playing if the score was 15 – love?





10) The Backstreet Boys are Kevin, Nick, AJ, Brian and WHO else?