$1000 Minute Friday, February 21st!

How did you do this morning?

  1. Name the cowardly, food loving, best friend of Scooby Doo.






2. Does an adult human body typically have more than or less than 200 bones?
(More Than – 206 Bones)







3. The “Golden Arches” are associated with which fast food restaurant?







4. Name the actress celebrating a birthday today who we recently found out is expecting a baby with Joe Jonas.
(Sophie Turner)







5. Bert purchased 30 bags of soil. If he returns half of them, how many will be have left?







6. Skip, Vice, Second, and Lead are the four different positions in what sport?






7. SPELL: Meringue.
(M E R I N G U E)






8. “Live long and prosper” Is a quote from which Star Trek Character?







9.  From the nursery rhyme, who sat on a wall before having a great fall?
(Humpty Dumpty)






10. What is the name of the ship found on the Canadian 10 cent coin?