$1000 Minute Friday, February 7th!

How did you do this morning?

  1. How many days are there in a fortnight?





 2. SPELL: Criticize.
(C R I T I C I Z E)






3.  American comedian Chris Rock celebrates a birthday today. He voices Marty the Zebra in which Film franchise?







 4. FILL IN THE BLANK: Some people consider a rabbit’s (blank) good luck.







 5.  When heading north on Highway 400, which exit comes first; Dunlop or Essa?






 6. Sullivan, Randall, Mike, and Boo are all characters from what movie?
(Monsters Inc.)







7.  The song “Memories” was number one on our Top 20 Kool Countdown last weekend. Name the pop band that sings this song.
(Maroon 5)







 8.  Known as one of the oldest rivalries in the NHL.. which team are the Toronto Maple Leafs facing tomorrow night?
(Montreal Canadiens/Habs)






 9. Sarah wants to buy a t-shirt for $10. How much money would she actually be spending when including 13% tax?







 10. Name “The snack that smiles back”.