$1000 Minute Friday, January 10th

how did you do this morning!

1)    What game uses a spinner and a floor mat with coloured dots?






2)    What mathematical operation is the opposite of multiplication?








3)    What is the American football championship called?
(The Super Bowl)







4)    The Sahara, Gobi, and Kalahari are all what kind of landscape?







5)   Name the British rock singer we have been giving tickets away for this week who is celebrating a birthday today.
(Rod Stewart)








6)   What term is used for a person or animal lacking normal colour pigmentation in the skin, hair, and eyes?









7)  What Disney character’s pet is Pluto?
(Mickey Mouse)









8)  SPELL: Publicly.
(P U B L I C L Y)









9)  Name the “Lose You To Love Me” singer whose new studio album “Rare” released today.
(Selena Gomez)









10)  What term describes someone who can use either hand equally well?