$1000 Minute Friday, January 24th

How did you do this morning?


  1. What do insomniacs have trouble doing?
    (Sleeping/Staying Asleep)







  1. A flip jump, double axel, and triple loop are all jumps used in what competitive sport?
    (Figure Skating)







  1. There are 60 turtles on the beach. If a quarter of them swim away, how many turtles are left?







  1. Colonel Mustard is a character from the board game Clue. SPELL: Colonel.
    (C O L O N E L)






  1. Ellen DeGeneres celebrates a birthday this weekend. What movie character is she the voice of and known for the famous line “just keep swimming”?







  1. What City would you visit to see Buckingham Palace?







  1. Finish the title to this Dr. Seuss book: “One fish, two fish, red fish, (blank)”.
    (Blue Fish)







  1.    The 2020 NHL All-Star Weekend is taking place in which City this weekend?
    (St. Louis)









  1. What colour blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body; red or white?








  1. What is the name for a tube containing mirrors that create different images as your turn it?