$1000 Minute Friday, January 3rd

Did you get them all right?

1)    From the classic cartoon, what colour are Mickey Mouse’s shoes?







2)    After New Year’s Day, what is the next statutory holiday to occur in Ontario?
(Family Day – February 17)








3)  In which continent is the country of Egypt found?








4)  Bradley Cooper celebrates a birthday this weekend. What movie did he star in with Lady Gaga in 2018?
(A Star Is Born)








5)   SPELL: Guacamole.
(G U A C A M O L E)







6)  Name the Awards ceremony taking place this Sunday recognizing excellence in film and television.
(Golden Globes)









7)  The Chinese zodiac runs on a 12 year cycle and 2020 marks the year of the rat. When was the last year of the rat?









8)  TRUE OR FALSE: Canada has advanced and will be playing in the World Juniors semifinals tomorrow.










9) What element is used to fill a balloon in order to make it float?









10)  In 1937, Disney released its first fully animated feature film about a princess and her evil jealous stepmother. What is the movie called?
(Snow White)