$1000 Minute Friday, June 12th

How did you do this morning?

1) What is Wonder Woman’s real name?
(Diana Prince)






2) Who is the director of the Jurassic Park movies?
(Steven Spielberg)






3) From Disney’s Aladdin, was Genie stuck in the lamp for MORE or LESS than 5,000 years?
(MORE –  10,000 years)







4) SPELL: Spaghetti.
(S P A G H E T T I)







5) What animal is on the Canadian quarter?







6) American actor Dave Franco celebrates a birthday today. Name the film series where he portrays street magician Jack Wilder.
(Now You See Me/Now You See Me 2)







7) On a standard keyboard, what number is the and (&) symbol on?







8) If it takes Bob 25 minutes to get to work, what time will he leave his house at if he starts work at 8 in the morning?







9) What is the Capital of Egypt?







10) What is the name of the trophy for the Canadian Football League?
(The Grey Cup)