$1000 Minute Friday, March 13th

How did you do this morning?


  1. In the acronym AKA, what does the K stand for?






 2. This former NSYNC member sat down with Ellen yesterday and discussed plans for his upcoming “trolls” tour, what is his name?
(Justin Timberlake)







 3. SPELL: Buoyancy.
(B U O Y A N C Y)








 4. What would 3PM be called on a 24-hour clock?







 5. Which city in Saskatchewan is further North, Regina or Saskatoon?







6. Name the theoretical physicist, known for his theory of relativity, that would be celebrating a birthday today.
 (Albert Einstein)







7. Name the American artist famous for his ‘Campbells Soup Can’ artwork.
(Andy Warhol)







8. What is a perfect score in a bowling game?







9. What is the name of Pinocchio’s cricket friend in the Disney cartoon movie?
(Jiminy/Jiminy Cricket)








 10. What term is used to describe food that has been prepared according to Jewish dietary laws?