$1000 Minute Friday, March 20th

How did you do this morning?

1) What is the name of the finger closest to your thumb?
(Index finger/Pointer finger)






2) Today is March 20th. March 20th marks the first day of WHAT?







3) In regards to REM sleep, what does the R stand for in REM?








4) What is the traditional trip a newlywed couple go on after the wedding called?








5) Today is Fred Rogers birthday. Name the 2019 movie that Tom Hanks portrayed Fred Rogers in.
(A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood)








6) What is the MAXIMUM number of players each team can have on the field at a time during a soccer game?







7) What is the next number in this sequence… 15 / 12 / 9 …







8) SPELL: Cantaloupe.
(C A N T A L O U P E)








9) What device is used to measure temperature?







10) From Disney’s Snow White, which of the seven dwarfs wore glasses?