$1000 Minute Friday, May 29th!

How did you do this morning?

1) What is the other name for a “Polygraph Test”?
(Lie Detector)






2) What do you call the rotating rod a “rotisserie” item is cooked on?






3) A first year college or university student is known as a “Freshman”. What is the term used for a second year student?







4) SPELL: Laboratory.
(L A B O R A T O R Y)







5) When served as food, Squid is referred to as what?








6) Irish Actor Colin Farrell celebrates a birthday this weekend. Name the supervillain Colin will be portraying in the upcoming 2021 Batman movie.
(The Penguin)







7) Sodium Bicarbonate is more commonly known as what?
(Baking Soda)







8) In which European City is the Colosseum located?







9) Which temperature is WARMER: 6 Degrees Celsius or 40 Degrees Fahrenheit?
(6 Degrees Celsius)








10) What body part is reshaped in plastic surgery known as “rhinoplasty”?