$1000 Minute Monday, April 20th!

Dale got 8 right today, how did you do?

1) Who sings the song, “Ice Ice Baby”?
(Vanilla Ice)






2) Who discovered the theory of relativity?
(Albert Einstein)







3) A cube has 8 corners. How many straight edges does it have?







4) James Franco celebrated a birthday this past weekend. Name one of the other two Franco brothers.







5) A Pescatarian is someone who has a vegetarian diet, but still eats what kind of meat?







6) How many times is a vowel used in the word DEFINITION?







7) If listed alphabetically, which season would come first?







8) Mount Rushmore is located in which US State?
(South Dakota)








9) On a standard keyboard, what letter is beside the tab key?








10) Which Alice in Wonderland character shouted “Off with his Head”?
(The Queen of Hearts)