$1000 Minute Monday, April 27th

Charlie didn't do so well today... Just three 3 right

1) Which clothing company’s logo has a green crocodile on it?






2) Today is April 27th. What day of the week will May 1st land on?






3) Name the Canadian territory that borders Alaska.







4) SPELL: Carnivore.
(C A R N I V O R E)







5) Channing Tatum celebrated a birthday this past weekend. Name the movie he stars in with Jonah Hill as undercover cops in high school.
(21 Jump Street)







6) Jasmine had $100 to spend on food for her party. When she finished shopping she had $18 left. How much money did she spend?







7) Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar make up what part of the body?







8) Today is National Babe Ruth Day. What sport is Babe Ruth recognized in as one of the greatest players of all time?








9) How many presidents’ heads are carved into Mount Rushmore?







10) Which of the following is a source of renewable energy: coal, sunlight, or oil.