$10,000 Minute Monday, August 9th @ 2PM

Jenn got 9 right and also qualifies for our $10000 minute!

Mon, August 9th – 2PM

  1. Do arteries carry blood TO the heart or AWAY from the heart?


2.            A deep, broad ditch, usually filled with water and surrounding a castle is known as a what?


3.            Name the movie where a fish suffers from short term memory loss.

(Finding Nemo)

4.            According to the song, Where did Justin Bieber get his peaches from?


5.            Who pulled the sword Excalibur from a stone to become king of England?


6.            In what city do the Paralympics take place this year?


7.            What is 3pm on a 24 hour clock?


8.            Animal behaviour that is characterized by being active at night and sleeping during the day is called what?


9.            What marine plant is sushi traditionally wrapped in?


10.         SPELL: Disguise.

(D I S G U I S E)