How did you do this morning?

1) What kind of animal is Curious George? (Monkey)






 2) How many pockets does a pool table have? (6)






 3) Liam Hemsworth, Orlando Bloom, and Patrick Dempsey all celebrate birthdays today. Which of the three is an English actor? (Orlando Bloom)






 4) When talking about speed, what does MPH stand for? (Miles per Hour)






 5) SPELL: Government. (G O V E R N M E N T)






 6) Will Smith and Martin Lawrence star in what movie coming to theatres this week? (Bad Boys for Life)






 7) How many railroads are there on a monopoly game board? (4)






 8) The San Antonio Spurs came to Toronto to face the Raptors last night. Which team won? (San Antonio/Spurs)






 9) In math, when following the rule of “BEDMAS” what does the B stand for? (Brackets)






 10) Who is the princess in Disney’s Aladdin? (Jasmine)