$1000 Minute Monday, January 6th

How did you do this morning?

1)    Which US City also goes by the nickname the Big Apple?
(New York)






2)    Explorer, Escape, and Ranger are all different models made by which motor company?








3)    Name the Canadian singer who just released a new single titled “Yummy” on Friday, and has announced plans for a new album in 2020.
(Justin Bieber)







4)    The term “hat trick” is used in what sport?







5)  How many goals would you need to score in order to get a hat trick?








6)    If Joe received 25 cents every day for a week, how much money would he have by the end of the week?








7)    At the Golden Globes Award show yesterday, what movie won in the “Best Drama Motion Picture” category?








8)  Traditionally what type of alcohol is used to make a Mojito?









9)  SPELL: Mojito.
(M O J I T O)







10)  What is the name given for the form of art that uses a mixture of paper and glue that hardens when dry?
(Papier Mache)