$1000 Minute Monday, June 15th

How did you do this morning?

1) How many continents are there on the planet?





2) The New York Stock Exchange was established on which street?
(Wall Street)






3) What is 1,000 divided by 40 equal?





4) Name the twin sister child stars who celebrated a birthday this past weekend known for their roles in the TV sitcom ‘Full House’.
(Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen)





5) What does the ‘E’ stand for in the word ‘e-mail’?





6) The wheelbarrow, thimble, and boot are all pieces of which famous board game?






7) In Greek Mythology, who turned everything he touched to Gold?






8) SPELL: Amphibian.
(A M P H I B I A N)






9) Which Disney princess sings “Once Upon A Dream”?
(Aurora – Sleeping Beauty)






10) Which day of the week has the most letters in its name?