$1000 Minute Monday, March 30th

How did you do this morning?

1) Cruella Deville stole which kind of puppies?





2) Arabica and Robusta are types of what bean?





3) The green light is at the top or bottom of a street light?




4) What is the name of the city where the cartoon family “The Simpsons” live?



5) What is 0 degrees Celsius equivalent to in Fahrenheit?
(32 degrees)


6) How many legs does a spider have?



7) Celine Dion is 52 today. NAME her song that was from the movie soundtrack of ‘Titanic’?
(My Heart Will Go On)






8)   If you combine a graham cracker, chocolate and a marshmallow, you’ve made a what? (S’more)






9)  SPELL: Vacuum.







10) ‘American Idol’ airs tonight. Who hosts the show?
(Ryan Seacrest)