$1000 Minute Thursday April 29 – 2PM

How many can you answer correctly?

  1. TRUE OR FALSE: Sharks have no bones in their body.

(TRUE – Their skeleton is made of cartilage)


2.            How many Canadian teams are there in the NHL?

(7 – Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, Winnipeg)


3.            Which chemical element is widely used to kill bacteria in swimming pools?



4.            What is the name of Pinocchio’s cricket friend in the Disney cartoon movie?

(Jiminy/Jiminy Cricket)


5.            What is the longest running Broadway show of all time?

(Phantom of the Opera)


6.            Name one of two fruit juices used when making a Cosmopolitan cocktail.

(Cranberry or Lime juice)


7.            ROY G BIV is an acronym used to remember the colours that make up what?

(A Rainbow)


8.            If you are in Santorini, what European Country are you in?



9.            SPELL: Pharaoh.

(P H A R A O H)


10.         How many zeros are there in 10 million?