$1000 Minute Thursday, April 2nd

Charlie's best performance with 8 right! How did you do today playing along at home?

1) How many letters are in the word “addition”?

2) TRUE or FALSE: The first 3 digits of pie are 3 point 1-4?

3) What is the only bird known to fly backwards?

4) In a game of baseball, fastball, breaking ball, and changeup, are all types of WHAT? (Pitches)

5) Which Country turned Pop Artist says 13 is her LUCKY number?
(Taylor Swift)

6) In movie ratings what do the letters P-G stand for?
(Parental Guidance)

7) NAME the capital of New Brunswick.

8) What school does Harry Potter attend?

9) Actor John Krasinski made headlines for creating a good news YouTube series. Which TV show did he star in with Steve Carell?
(The Office)

10) Who said E equals M-C squared? (E=mc2)