$1000 Minute Thursday, April 30th

Dale got 8 right this morning! How did you do?

1) What is the 10th letter in the alphabet?





2) Which Disney film does the ‘Cheshire Cat’ appear in?
(Alice in Wonderland)






3) Kristen Dunst celebrates a birthday today. Which character did she play in the first three Spider-Man movies?
(Mary Jane/MJ)






4) What colour is a monarch butterfly?






5) SPELL: Fluorescent.
(F L U O R E S C E N T)






6) Referring to styles of beer, what does the P stand for in IPA?







7) A Labradoodle is a mix between a Labrador and what other dog breed?







8) Lynn has 17 cookies. If she wants to split the cookies evenly amongst her 3 children, how many cookies would she have left over for herself?







9) How many holes are in a full round of golf?







10) TRUE OR FALSE: From left to right, the colours on Ireland’s flag are green, orange, white.
(FALSE – Green, White, Orange)